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Waterproofs and Colors

Resin-based liquid waterproofing sheath, elastic and colored. It is a water-based, fast-drying product used for various substrates such as: sheet metal, plaster, walls against earth and cementitious substrates. It can be used to repair and revitalize old bituminous membranes …

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Logo Membrana Gold - Membrana elastica impermeabilizzante

Guarantees waterproofing over time

Liquid waterproofing sheath, enriched with resins and additives that give it impermeability and durability. It is used for waterproofing: terraces, viaducts, sheets, plasters and for restoring the impermeability of worn sheaths …

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Membrana Acrilica Fibrorinforzata

Effective in sight and under the floor

Waterproofing sheath colored and reinforced with special polypropylene fibers. It guarantees resistance to stress and foot traffic. Allows flooring without the application of the fabric …

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Makes the waterproof layer live

Less elastic but more convenient, it still retains its high waterproofing characteristics: it can be used as a waterproofing agent for any type of support, both horizontally and vertically. Its high adhesive power…

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The reflective acrylic sheath

Acrylic liquid waterproofing with a high reflectance index to sunlight (greater than 105 SRI). The high reflectance index contributes to reducing the heat absorbed by the support and mitigates the temperature …

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Resinfibra logo

Waterproofing acrylic resin

Water-resistant, elastic and stress-resistant acrylic. It is ideal for difficult substrates. Our Primer Fibra + Potenzio Fibra + Resinfibra waterproofing system is easy to install and simple to maintain.

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