Reflective System

Wherever the heat needs to be dissipated, we recommend our Whiteglass protective varnish with a high reflectance index. In addition to water protection, our Extralarge + Whiteglass system will help to mitigate the internal temperature of the buildings, allowing considerable energy savings.

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Walkable System

Do you want to defend yourself from the water but also want a livable support? then our Extralarge + Freeway system is your ideal solution! Perfect for terraces, canopies and covers in general. As an alternative to Freeway, you can use our Paviall acrylic coating.

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Underfloor system

Our Extralarge liquid sheath, thanks to its remarkable waterproofing properties, its resistance to low and high temperatures, can also be used as a system for all supports that will then be covered with flooring.

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Foundation system

Extralarge Strong, with its special sealing and resistance qualities, replaces the second coat of Extralarge making the bituminous waterproofing system more suitable for stresses. The use of our Potenzio armor fabric and a Cimar bituminous primer will guarantee the compactness of the system.

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Aluminized System

The special reflecting and waterproofing capabilities of our Extralarge Aluminate, guarantee the creation of a bituminous system able to withstand the test of time. The time and cost of application will also be reduced by replacing the second coat of Extralarge with Extralarge Aluminate.

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Extralarge, bituminous liquid sheath

Bituminous liquid waterproofing membrane, ecological and with high waterproofing capacity, elastic and resistant to water stagnation

Extralarge Strong

Bituminous waterproofing membrane reinforced with special granules that give it greater strength

Extralarge Alluminato

Bituminous liquid sheath, thanks to its reflective properties it replaces the second coat of waterproofing and the protective

Whiteglass, reflective protective

White acrylic paint with high reflective properties, used to protect liquid sheaths extends its life and effectiveness

Freeway, walkable acrylic sheath

Acrylic walkable liquid sheath, used on bituminous liquid sheaths makes them walkable and livable, allowing the use of the support