For all applications on substrates such as concrete, metal or wood, or when you need to rehabilitate an old waterproofing system, it is highly recommended to add a polyester reinforcement. Our Universal non-woven fabric Potenzio is the best solution to this problem and it is available in rolls of 1 mt. x 100 mts. Potenzio guarantees durability, flexibility and resistance to the waterproofing system, helping you save lots in terms of costs and time.  

In order to facilitate the application of our products, even during bad weather conditions, Cimar offers you a clever solution throughout Speedy drying accelerator. The use of Speedy creates a protection layer that preserves the drying from washout and frost. Cimar Products that are compatible with the drying accelerator show the “ACCETTO SPEEDY” symbol, as in the case of Extralarge.  

FORCEMENT is a high concentration emulsifiable mould realese agent. It can be used for horizontal or vertical, smooth or rough, wood or cement-made formworks. The performance is estimated at 1 lt. (already diluted) per 30 – 50 m2. It is available in cans of 10 or 25 lts each.


BELLOSTAC is a gelatinous release agent for formworks that are made of polyurethane foam. The performance is estimated at 160 – 170 gr/m2. It is available in cans of 5 lts each. 


TRAFFIC is the ideal solution to highlight traffic signs on horizontal roads. The reflectivity is possible thanks to the glass microspheres that form it. The performance is estimated at 1,5 m2/Kg. It is available in 30 kg cans and in the following colours: white, yellow, blue, black and red.


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