Pave large surfaces

Paviall is an acrylic coating in water emulsion for floors and walls. It is indicated for the finishing of commercial flooring, even of considerable size and for the covering of fountains and basins.

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Sport&Color - pavimentazione sportiva acrilica

The cover for your Sport

Sport & Color is a thick coating based on acrylic styrene resins in aqueous emulsion, particularly resistant to mechanical wear and weathering. Used for finishing tennis courts, basketball and five-a-side football fields.

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Cover for cycle paths

Road & Color is a synthetic resin based, in aqueous emulsion for cycle paths. Used to cover concrete or asphalt surfaces intended for sports facilities and, more generally, for any walkable coating such as yards and avenues.

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Reflective traffic divider paint

Traffic is the ideal solution for any type of road markings. Made of glass microspheres, the paint has excellent refractivity characteristics. Product intended for professional applicators.

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