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I.T.I.S. of Moncalieri (TO)

The Magika system, in gray colour, was applied to the roofing surface of the technical institute of Moncalieri, it will guarantee durability and impermeability as well as particular characteristics of reflectance.

Residential building (Tirana – Albania)

The video portrays specialized operators in the act of preparing and completing the first coat of the Magika system.

Residential Building (Turin)

Magika on metal cover

Digester (Salerno)

Magika is a particularly versatile product capable of protecting large building works such as the a digester which is part of a water purification complex.

Private villa (Bracigliano SA) – Extralarge Aluminized System

Application of the Extralarge Aluminate system as a re-waterproofing work on the roof of a two-family house in Bracigliano, province of Salerno.

Aluminate Application

1. Bituminous Primer (300 gr/m2)

2. Extralarge as glue (1 Kg/m2)

3. Potenzio Fabric

4. Extralarge first coat (1 Kg/m2)

5. Extralarge Aluminate (1 Kg/m2)

Le Cotoniere Shopping Center (Salerno) – Copper + Extralarge

Application of our Extralarge on a wooden support, with our Copper, an ecological copper-colored paint, as a protective layer.

Le Grotte Shopping Center (BA) – Freeway + Extralarge

Application of our Freeway colored walk-over acrylic sheath on the waterproofing layer of our Extralarge bituminous.

Palazzo Adriano Middle School (PA) – Freeway + Extralarge

Application of our Freeway colored (Pink) walkable acrylic sheath on our Extralarge waterproofing. The result? Maximum protection and trampling.

New Lat spa plant (SA) – Membrana Gold

Application of our membrane on an old worn bituminous sheath in rolls on a large surface area.

Gold Membrane System

1. Primer C* (300 g/m2)

2. 1st coat Membrana Gold (1 Kg/m2)

3. Potenzio Fabric

4. Membrana Gold 2nd coat (1 Kg/m2)

*(or Membrana Gold diluted at 30%)

ResinFibra - Resina Acrilica Impermeabilizzante Fibrata

Typical Trulli (Alberobello BA) – ResinFibra System

Application of the Resinfibra, Resina, Fibra and Primer system, ideal for the defense of particularly difficult substrates.

ResinFibra system applied on worn bituminous sheath (BA)

Details of the application of the Resinfibra system on a walkable terrace

Industrial Plant (BA) – Brillo

Application of our solvent-based protective Brillo, a high reflectance protective with its aluminum pigments protects the waterproof substrate from atmospheric agents