Who starts well is half the work!

Primer 70 meters is a bituminous primer, excellent adhesion promoter for any subsequent application, both of liquid products and of prefabricated products: bituminous membranes in rolls…

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High Penetration, fast drying

Primer 70 meters Gold is a high performance bituminous paint, obtained with first choice pure solvents (not regenerated). Mainly used for the application of bituminous waterproofing sheaths.

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Ecologically fast-growing

Primer 70 meters Eco is an ecological bituminous primer, obtained in aqueous emulsion, indicated to favor adhesion to the support of both liquid and roll bituminous membranes.

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Encourages the application

Ultragrip is used for exterior and interior surfaces on wood, insulating panels, wall paints, bricks, ceramics, bricks, surfaces in concrete, metal, plaster and cellular cement, to promote adhesion of plaster, smoothing, repair mortar or premixed materials for coats

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Consolidate before finishing

Fixative and consolidating agent for exterior and interior wall surfaces based on acrylic copolymers in aqueous emulsion. Suitable for use on cementitious mortar, lime, mortar or equivalent mortars, plaster for interiors, old paint or coatings.

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Primer Acrilico

Alternative to bituminous primers

Primer c è un collante acrilico, a base di resine stirolo, ottenuto in emulsione acquosa, ideale per l’incollaggio di pannelli isolanti in polistirolo e polistirene su cartongesso. Può anche essere utilizzato come primer su superfici cementizie prima dell’utilizzo sulle stesse di prodotti cementizi..

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Primerfibra logo

The Enemy of difficult supports

The combined application of the Fiber Primer and our Fiber Potentium, 300 m2 grams, provides a solid base for subsequent applications. Primer Fibra + Potenzio Fibra + Resin Fibra, is our ideal waterproofing system both for difficult substrates and for normal waterproofing.

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Primer and water-repellent paint

Ghost is an adhesion promoter for metal substrates and an excellent water repellent for porous substrates. It contributes to the consolidation of the support, favoring the application of water-based paints or wall coverings, improving their performance over time.

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Anti-moist primer for liquid sheaths

La Quinta Stagione is an anti-damp primer that allows the application of Cimar liquid sheaths on slightly damp supports, avoiding the formation of bubbles on the surface. It is an alternative binder to the normal primer, where it is necessary to provide a barrier to the humidity of the support

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