Cimar guarantees 10 years with Unipol-Sai policy the durability of its waterproofing systems

Cimar systems, for applications over 400 square meters, are all covered by Unipol’s ten-year policy for civil liability towards third parties, in relation to defects in the waterproofing product supplied by Cimar.

Working in Progress

Cimar is activating the ten-year Unipol guarantee that also covers defects inherent in the application process, in essence it covers the responsibility of the applicator, whether a natural or legal person.

Interested parties will have to carry out a course at Cimar; then they will be placed in a list of certified applicators.

They will be able to benefit from ten-year insurance to cover damage caused to third parties by defects in the application process.

At the beginning of 2022 we will activate the protocol.