Bituminous walkable system

Walkable System: thanks to our Freeway or Sport&Color products, the waterproofing system will become walkable and a solid base for planters and furniture.

Reflective system – Whiteglass

Reflective system that guarantees energy saving and protection: it lowers the temperature of the buildings below by up to 4-5°C.
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Cement waterproofing system

Solid and flexible cement system thanks to our single-component Bigum. To obtain even greater performance and elasticity, transform it into a two-component version with our No Limits additive.
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Magika waterproofing system

Waterproofing system with solvent-based acrylic sheath. It can be applied all year round. Very quick drying. Remains flexible down to -40°C!
Resina Poliuretanica impermeabilizzante

Breathable waterproofing system

Waterproofing system with Poligold polyurethane resin. Maximum performance and duration of the waterproofing: ensures flexibility and breathability.
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System for bumpy and difficult supports

Thanks to the solidity of the fiberglass and our waterproofing resin you can protect any support from rainwater, even uneven floors and difficult supports.
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Underfloor and exposed fiber-reinforced system

Acrylic system with fibre-reinforced sheath, applicable both exposed and under the floor. Does not require armor fabric.