Where can I find Cimar products?

Cimar production products are available in all the best resellers of building materials specialized in the waterproofing sector in the national territory. Cimar also exports its products outside the confines of European space. Contact us for more information!

Extralarge can be diluted?

Yes, our Extralarge can be diluted with clean water; for brush application up to a maximum of 10%. It can also be used as a primer with a dilution of up to 30% of water

Can floor adhesive be applied directly on Extralarge?

No! You must first apply our Potenzio reinforcement fabric using the same Extralarge as the adhesive (consumption of about 300 gr / m 2 ; then it will be possible to apply the floor glue directly on our Potenzio.

Can the cement screed be applied directly on Extralarge?

Extralarge must be protected, prior to the application of the cementitious screed, by our Potenzio Universal Weaving Fabric applied using the same Extralarge as adhesive (consumption of about 300 g / m2).

Can Ultragrip be used as an Extralarge or Membrane primer?

Yes! Especially if you need to waterproof non-porous substrates such as vitreous and smooth tiles with Extralarge or Gold Membrane.

Can polyurethane products, such as Poligold, be used to waterproof swimming pools?

No! You must use chlorine-resistant polyurethane products.